How to Clean a Shag pile Rug IN Polyester fibre?

1. Vacuum your shag pile rug twice  in a week to avoid the buildup of dirt and grime. Check with the shaggy rug manufacturer to see what type of vacuum is recommended(just turn the rug and you will find a sticker). Clean most shaggy rugs using a vacuum cleaner without teeth or combs; beater bar action vacuums are recommended. Rake longer length pile rugs instead of vacuuming them. Take care when vacuuming your shaggy rugs as loops or fibers in shag pile rugs can become caught up and pulled in vacuum brush rollers.If shag pile is extra long then vacuum them very slowly.

2. Change the direction in which you vacuum your shaggy rugs. By changing pattern, you can lift more dirt and grime from the rug.

3. lift and carry smaller shaggy area rugs, and take them outside to clean. Hang smaller rugs over something strong like  a clothes line, and paddle them to remove dusty fluff and dirt buildup.

4. Determine what type of material your shaggy pile rug is made from. Synthetic materials include polyester and nylon. Natural materials can include wool, leather, angora or cotton. Normal  chemicals cannot be used to clean rugs with natural fibers.It can cause permanent damage to  your rug

5. By blotting out any excess moisture,  remove marks and stains from your shag pile rug . Use  clean micro fibre cloths to  remove the with warm soapy water. If you do not get the better result, you may need to call a professional Shaggy Rug Cleaner.