Swayam Fuchsia Stencil Bed Sheet- Shades Of Paradise- 3008


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Lie over these bed sheets and paint a canvas of creative imagination flooding your mind as you sleep through the night. Conclude your day with a sweet sleep as get comforted by these bed sheets.  

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Buy fuchsia stencil bed sheets from our online shopping portalhomebyfreedom.com and let enduring colors and passion take over your room décor. Remodel the entire feel of your home décor with a mix of soft colors and distinct prints giving an edgier look.

Buy fuchsia stencil bed sheets from our online shopping portal homebyfreedom.com and choose from one of the widest range of bed sheet collection in various colors and designs. These bed sheets look so pretty in their pink hue that you would instantly fall in love with their texture and color. The fuchsia stencil bed sheets beautifully lay down authentic floral designs in an undisturbed array which is well organized. However the maroon color used at the center radiates a glorifying majestic aura which makes you feel special and cherished. The care of these bed sheets is like a child’s play, as it only requires a simple machines wash.

Relax in the arms of luxurious comfort as you lie down and feel the smoothness of cottony surface. Since these bed sheets are made from 100% pure cotton they have a dust repellant surface and leave no room for mites to take over, keeping it safe for your family. These bed sheets remain cool in summers and warm in winters as thermal insulation takes place when air gets trapped inside the layer of fabric fiber. They are also moisture absorbent and render a dry, soft surface for you to sleep on. Two complementary pillow covers are available along with these bed sheets to give a fuller and richer look to your abode.

Make most of your shopping with us as you get to avail latest deals and discounts. Buy fuchsia stencil bed sheets from our online shopping portal homebyfreedom.com and avail free shipping facility on purchase of products worth Rs 500/ or more anywhere in India. If you ever come across any defaulted product you can return it as we have a 100% buy back guarantee. With us you are sure to get fast delivery as you place an order online. However the mode of payments can be of your choice, be it cash on delivery or online. We also have secured payment gateways for safe online transaction.


Recreate your home with the beauty of Paradise        
 Premium Pure Cotton
   200 TC
   100% Colour Fast
Machine wash, Don’t Soak, Cold Wash,           Dry in Shade    Mix & Match / Printed    

Cushion Cover Small   12"x12" (30cm x30cm)   Rs/- 195
Cushion Cover Standard   16"x16" (40cm x40cm)   Rs/- 225
Pillow Cover   18"x28" (45cm x70cm)   Rs/- 249
Cushion Cover Large   24"x24" (60cm x60cm)   Rs/-375
Single Bedsheet + 1 Pillow Cover   60"x90" (150cm x225cm)   Rs/-1,199
Double Bedsheet + 2 Pillow Cover   90"x108" (225cm x274cm)   Rs/- 2,199
Single size Duvet Cover   60"x90" (150cm x225cm)   Rs/- 2,195
Fitted / Elasticated Bedset    72"x75"x10" (180cm x188cmx25cm)   Rs/- 2,395
Large Bedsheet + 2 Pillow Cover   108"x108" (274cmx274cm)   Rs/- 2,299
Single size Comforter   60"x90" (150cm x225cm)   Rs/- 2,799
Double size Duvet Cover   90"x100" (225cm x250cm)   Rs/- 3,195
Larg size Duvet Cover   90"x108" (225cm x270cm)   Rs/- 3,495
Double size Comforter    90"x100" (225cm x250cm)    Rs/- 4,499





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